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Lingzhi Capsule


Ling Zhi promotes Health and Longevity

Ling Zhi Capsules is recommended to be taken daily as health supplement. It helps to revitalize and boost your energy for an active life.

Anti-ageing/ delay ageing
Improves blood regulation

Grusonn Ling Zhi Capsules

Each capsule 350mg contains:
Fruit Body Ganoderma Lucidum Extract Powder 300mg
Spores Ganoderma Lucidum Powder 50mg

Weight: 60 capsules x 350mg

Recommended Usage:
Adult: Take 1 – 2 Capsule(s), 2 times daily before meal

Keep out of reach from children. Store below 30°C. Protect from light and moisture.

FAQs of Grusonn LingZhi Capsules

What exactly is Grusonn LingZhi Capsules?
Grusonn LingZhi Capsules is a natural healthy nutraceutical product that is made from extracts of Lingzhi (300mg) and Lingzhi cracked spores (50mg) in an easily digestible form. The Lingzhi Extract Powder is hygienically processed at a low temperature in order to retain the maximum amount of nutrients.

Lingzhi cracked spores powder is the spores collected from Lingzhi mushroom. It is very precious and has high therapeutic effects, which believe that it is many times more potent than the Lingzhi fruiting bodies. Furthermore, the active elements in “cracked” Lingzhi Spores Powder are readily and easily absorbed by the human body than the “uncracked” spores powder.

When is the best time to consume Grusonn LingZhi Capsules?
Grusonn LingZhi Capsules may be consumed 1 capsule after meal, 2 times daily. Regular consumption of Grusonn LingZhi Capsules may help enhance body immune systems, delay ageing and making you more physically energetic.

Grusonn LingZhi Capsule is your truly healthcare expert.

Should Grusonn LingZhi Capsules be kept refrigerated?
Grusonn Lingzhi Capsule is natural and does not contain any preservatives. It is not required to be kept under refrigeration. Just keep the bottle insert and cap tightly close, there is a pack of silica gel inside the bottle to dehumidify the content.

How does Grusonn LingZhi Capsules help people cope with the daily stress?
Relieve fatigue
Improves blood circulation
Improves sleep quality by increase the sleep latency time

Who should take Grusonn LingZhi Capsules?
Ideal for people who has the following conditions:
Hectic lifestyle and stressful working environment
Working overtime and restless
Suffering from migraine and asthma

Feature of Grusonn LingZhi Capsules

(1) 100% natural of pure extract of Lingzhi and broken spores of Lingzhi
(2) High potency rate: maximising medication effectiveness by combined formulation
(3) High efficacy: water soluble Lingzhi extract powder and Lingzhi cracked spores powder, better in absorption

Quality and Assurance

Manufactured in GanoFarm’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) factory certification by Ministry of Health Malaysia – quality and safety assured.

GanoFarm Lingzhi cultivation farm is an organic certificated farm. Lingzhi was cultivated in a pollution-free environment and harvested at the right time at its vigorous growth.

Latest extraction technology at low temperature of extraction and spray drying.

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