Opportunities Invisibly

I am Fungus, existing in nature. I never leave, I am part of human world. I may not be seen, but exist all the time. I am Fungus, I am dominating the Ecosystem. In fact, I am indispensable in human and plant eco-balanced healthy environment. Come together, hand in hand we disseminate the Fungus Century.

Grusonn Wellness

GRUSONN WELLNESS is aimed to become the No.1 brand in the industry of health food in Malaysia. We are proud to unite our elites and talents who are adhered to the concept of strengthening technological innovation. We strive to meet consumers’ high expectation by producing high-quality fungus based products with pride.

NevGro Capsules

Extract of Fresh Monkey Head Mushroom

Food for Brain Health & Memory Support

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LingZhi Capsule

LingZhi Extract Powder + LingZhi Broken Spores Powder

Food for Health Maintenance, Nourishing and Longevity

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Essence of Mushroom

Essence of 3 Super Mushrooms

Food for Health and Immunity Enhancing

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Essence of Black Mushroom Fungus

Essence of Black Jelly with LingZhi Extract

Food for Blood Vessels and Bowel Cleansing

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