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Extract of Fresh Organic Monkey Head Mushroom

Our Brain coach
Food for Brain Health & Memory Support.

Product Code: C001
60 capsules x 300 mg
Ingredients: Each capsule 300mg contains: Hericium erinaceus Extract Powder 300mg
KKM certification: MAL17097014TC
Recommended Usage: Adult: Take 1 Capsule, 2 times daily after meal.
Storage: Keep out of reach from children. Store below 30°C. Protect from light and moisture.

Hericium erinaceus is known as Monkey Head Mushroom or Lion’s Mane Mushroom in English, ‘Hou Tou Gu’ in Chinese and ‘Yamabushitake’ in Japanese. It is high in nutritional and medicinal value. Monkey head mushroom is a culinary-medicinal mushroom and has a long history of usage in traditional Chinese medicine as a tonic for stomach disorders, ulcers gastrointestinal discomfort and related illnesses. Recent researches showed that monkey head mushroom is also beneficial for those who are physically and mentally stressful, memory decline and depressed.

Monkey Head Mushroom – Booster for Brain & Nerve Health!
Numerous of scientific researchers have been proven that the monkey head mushroom support brain health. Reports showed that monkey head mushroom contains polysaccharides, β-glucan, hericenones, and erinacines that promote nerve growth factor (NGF) production in brain, and neuronal cells regeneration. Findings from scientific studies prove that monkey head mushroom may beneficial for the prevention and management of neurodegeneration disorders, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s disease and for repairing neurological trauma from strokes, improving muscle or motor response pathways, and increasing cognitive function1,2,3.

Benefits of Monkey Head Mushroom:
o Improve Alertness
o Improve Memory
o De-stress and Mind Relaxing
o Enhance Immunity
o Enhance Gastrointestinal System
o Anti-Aging
o Anti-Oxidant

Who Needs Monkey Head Mushroom?
o Students
o Teachers
o Senior Citizens
o Lack of Concentration
o Stressful, Fatigue or Tired Person
o Night Owls
o Vegetarian
o Chronic Diseases Patient*
*Please consult pharmacist/nutritionist

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3. Wong, K.H., Naidu, M., David, P., Abdulla, M.A., Abdullah, N., Kuppusamy, U.R., Sabaratnam, V., 2011. Peripheral nerve regeneration following crush injury to rat peroneal nerve by aqueous extract of medicinal mushroom Hericium erinaceus (Bull.: fr) Pers. (Aphyllophoromycetideae). Evid. Based Complement. Altern. Med., 10.
Grusonn Wellness xxx 12-04-2019, 03:32:33 PM

Good for migraine

Migraine problem solved after consume for 1 month.