Grusonn Wellness

Grusonn is a combination of Grüne and Sonne, two German words meaning Green and Sun respectively.

Grusonn is an environmentally sustainable business which operations also benefit human life as well as the community and economy of the country.

The business operations of Grusonn encompass six synergistic areas: green tourism, balanced diet, health food, natural treatment, environmental protection, and charity.
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The Origin

With the blessing of our unique plantation, creating natural fungus-based health products has since become the original intention so that mankind shall be able to restore the healthiest lifestyle from consumable fungus.

Our Commitment

Strive to become a company with the most brand value trusted by consumers.

Our Team's Belief

High-Quality, Integrity and Innovation

Be a Witness to Understand the Coexistence of Lifeform and Plants

Our nature is combined under the sense of "symbiosis" and "coexistence" between animals, plants and fungus. It is our brand value and belief that both life and nature need mutual respect, mutual understanding and tolerance. The same principle applies to human beings when we learn to get along with others.

Fungus is the route to heaven and humanity is generated from good hearts. Together, we look up to the nature and honor the nation.

Green Tourism

Human beings have an innate desire to be in nature. Thus, Grusonn advocates green tourism, providing not only a comfortable nature-centred homestay but also the opportunity to enjoy this experience in a mushroom farm. In this homestay, guests could also taste freshly harvested mushrooms.

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Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet is the most important factor in a healthy living. Combined with Western cooking techniques and Chinese food therapy concepts, Grusonn surprises guests with its innovative mushroom meals. This diet is not only delicious but also balanced and salubrious.

Health Food

A stressful urban life, a poor diet, or a habit of skipping meals could easily lead to all kinds of health problems. To address these health problems, Grusonn launched a series of functional foods which easily supply sufficient nutrients to the human body and help people improve their health.

Natural Treatment - Food Therapy

Food supplies nutrients to the human body. There is an old saying "You are what you eat". Thus, in Grusonn, we have a holistic nutritionist who can provide consultation and prepare customised dishes according to the personal needs of our clients. This service is available by appointment.

Environmental Protection

For us, environmental protection goes beyond mere recycling. In Grusonn, it is a mind-set that promotes high-quality green living. For example, Grusonn supports environmental protection by promoting green tourism which, among others, provides a way for our guests to return to nature. We have also setup a permaculture centre in Tanjung Sepat, Malaysia.


Finally but not the least, Grusonn supports non-governmental organisations by promoting their activities and sponsoring our facilities for their activities.

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