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Payment & Pricing

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We accept the following methods of payment for online orders:

  • All Malaysia Bank Online (Transfer)

  • Credit Card Payment (Visa and Master Card)

  • Bonus Wallet

  • Voucher Wallet


Please ensure that the billing address on your order is identical to the information on your credit card account/statement to prevent any unnecessary delays in processing your order. You may contact your card-issuing bank using the number on the back of your credit card to check and confirm the details.

Security Codes

The security code for your credit card is a unique 3-digit number printed on the back (MasterCard/Visa) of your card. MasterCard/Visa:

3D Secure Activation payment system is 3D secured and complies with worldwide standards. Grusonn does not have access to the payment details that you key in. Your payment details are sent directly from your bank to our Payment Partner.

3D Secure is the latest Internet Payment security standard developed by major card schemes. This means even that if your credit card is stolen, your credit card cannot be used for any online purchases without your security password. Your security password is only known to you and your bank.

Troubleshooting credit card payment errors

Ensure that your card is activated if your card is newly issued or has been reissued recently.

When you are making a payment, kindly double check the card type (Visa/Master), card number and expiration date.

Key in the card number without any dash or space in between.

If you still can't make the payment, kindly call the card issuer's customer service center (number can be found on the back of your card).